About Us

At Audio Imprints, we believe the voice is essential to the story. We believe that stories are not just about facts, they’re about listening to the storyteller. We want to hear the crack of the voice that talks about true love, the pride of the voice that talks about accomplishment, the smile of the voice that reminisces.

We want to help you record your favorite voices and the stories that accompany them.

The Inspiration


My Nonie was 99 years old when she passed away. After her funeral, the family filtered back into her house and sprawled out…on her floor, on the 100-year old couch with the perfect indentations for sleeping, on the old-fashioned chairs where we had all, at one time or another, sat and talked about school, life and love.

We were quiet. Even with the entire family crammed into her home, it felt empty. We lay there, letting the weight of that realization hang over us.


out of the blue…

we heard her voice.

Our eyes turned toward the front of the room where she sat, in her rocking chair, looking through the TV at all of us gathered in her living room.

The footage came from a trip my brother took several years prior. For the next two hours, we listened to her stories—the same stories she’d told us so many times before. For those two hours, it was as if nothing had changed. She was there with us, sitting in her living room, smiling at us as we listened to her voice.

It was an unexpected gift—the kind of gift I want to give to you.